CEO Coaching - Some Interesting Research

If you ever thought that coaching for you or your executive team was optional, one for the backburner or not worth the effort look at this article on the benefits of coaching. The research points to significant gains to the organisation. In India, where this study took place, they are realising how important executive coaching is, and are looking to the US as the leader in this field. In Australia, we often question our investments and can express cynicism about things that do not appear to have a tangible base. We need to be more serious about where we want to be and how we want to get there.

Coaching is about conversations, understanding problems (we all have problems!), how we look to others, how our behaviour manifests when under stress, the way we talk (read tone) and many other factors. An exernal coach provides sound feedback to you and help with reflective insights that your staff will not give you. You will be surprised how much information you can absorb, the epiphanies that result and the changes you can make to become a more effective leader.

Contact us and Tim, Greg or myself will happily sit down with you over a coffee to explore how we can help.

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