Sometimes it's lonely at the top

Stress, loneliness, isolation. These factors can be the bane and potential downfall of the CEO. This article published in Fairfax highlights some of the issues facing CEOs today ( How do you address issues that you did not foresee when you became the CEO? It is one thing to challenge the strategic direction, motivate your executive team, question whether the staff are 'on the bus', but it is another thing entirely to examine yourself and how you are now in a position where to divulge your innermost feelings would reveal weaknesses others have not seen.

When you are 'at the top' who do you speak with about how it is to make decisions that are at odds with majority opinion, being thought of as 'out of touch' or too hard on others?

CEOs need an outlet to discuss the more personal challenges they face.

CEO Coach understands your situation, the issues you face and can be the sounding board you need to regain lost confidence, reinforce positive feelings and be reassured in the way you conduct yourself. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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