While ships are made for sailing…it’s the safe harbour that’s vital.

More than ever, leaders need a safe harbour to:

  • refresh

  • re-confirm contexts (ie macro business impacts)

  • align motivations (ie why do I do what I do)

  • establish and test options (ie are they compelling)

  • articulate and plan solutions.

For the safe harbour to be useful it needs to be a place where the leader can experience:

  • a depth of self-exploration that has immediacy, congruence, sincerity and warmth

  • a place to lock in narratives, plans, goals and fresh perspectives

  • someone to walk beside as they deliver refreshed leadership

Why work on this? It’s called alignment. Alignment and congruence in the narrative. This includes the plans, the expectations of managers, the pre-conditions of workplace behaviour, the meetings, the people and the policies will have the greatest impact on productivity improvement.

If you need to explore this further (and to get ready to sail again) – let’s connect.

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