Sorting the Wheat

I have just recruited for a CEO position.

Aside from being disappointed with the huge response (an indication of the state of the economy and poor career planning) the real surprise was how few of our corporate leaders had their stories together.

Leaders who were able to, very quickly, demonstrate presence, authenticity, perspectives (about wins and mistakes) cut through the chaff. They could tell a congruent story about:

  • where they had been,

  • what was important to them now and

  • what the future held.

These were all hallmarks of contemporary, adaptive leadership.

For the majority of other applicants they needed help. They needed to spend time in a supportive, structured environment where they could prepare, practise and hone their own thoughts. They needed a safe place to develop and establish a noticeable/public shift.

This is a passion of ours and is something we continue to offer aspirant leaders.

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