Getting the Balance Right

As a CEO you will be challenged from the outset to get the balance between your professional life and personal life in order. A CEO’s life is not 9-5, Monday to Friday and as such family life cannot reside solely outside these hours. The struggle that is referred to as work-life balance is a misnomer. This is about life balance.

Work permeates all aspects of our lives and it is this constant tension which we need to understand and manage. Putting things out of balance adds to our stress, increases conflict (at work or outside of work), costs us valuable time and energy. As a CEO your challenge is to meet staff demands, family or other non work demands, stakeholder and Board demands, management of the executive team and of course budgetary demands. So what is the situation when there are competing demands and how to address these so there is not a cost to the business and importantly your health.

Do you want to achieve:greater focus and concentrationhigher levels of job satisfactionopportunity to participate more fully in family and social lifemore time to pursue personal goals and hobbiesimproved health?

Technology means we can work anywhere, anytime. It can be a trap if we are not careful. Being on top of your game is key – in what endeavour you pursue. CEO Coach teaches you techniques that allow you to divide your time so that you never feel you are running out of time. We look at not just your day or your week, but the totality of all your roles in life, how you make crucial decisions and quality judgements to get to your goals.

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