Meet The Team


What started as three wise men meeting on a regular basis has evolved into CEO Coach, a business that is focussed on maximising the efforts of CEOs and providing a pathway for them to leave a strong legacy. Our team comprises highly experienced coaches with real business experience. Time and time again we saw the same group of issues in our senior leaders and in particular, our CEOs. We felt it was time to make a real difference!


There are many things to consider when at the head of the organisation and external, independent advice and feedback are often in short supply or not considered. No doubt all your reports will have opinions to offer, however are they consistent with your own thinking or are they linked to personal agendas and preferences?


CEO Coach will help you navigate the organisational politics, build your performance as a leader and ensure that you are seen as the change champion/visionary strategist/accomplished performer - lifting your reputation along with it.


Tim Draffen 



We created CEO Coach because we recognised a need in the market for the skill sets we bring. We excel in the people aspects of the business. Issues like engagement, innovation, managing the politics and staying on top. We dont just look for survival, we will arm you with the wherewithal to get a pay rise that your board will be delighted to pay.

M: 0400 077 337


Greg Halse 



I am  a Director of an advisory business which specialises in providing  HR advice and expertise to CEOs and HR managers across Australia.  Organisational Alignment, Workplace  Solutions, Career Transition and Leadership Coaching have been the predominant activities.


Experience includes 15 years as a career transition and outplacement specialist  and operational experience in Telecommunications, Mining, Banking and Hospitality. 


This hands on exposure has  resulted in numerous coaching and career development conversations  with senior level managers and executives. 

M: 0412 022 874


Gavin Sharp



With 20 years' experience as a Corporate Psychologist, I have coached many of the 'C' suite. I have provided career transition advice, assessed blind spots and strengths, helped in managing the hurdles faced such as dealing with difficulties with the Board, colleagues, stakeholders, and worked to provide ways forward that are realistic and not insurmountable.


Coaching is a challenging process. I believe that as a CEO, you can only get better the more you talk through things with people who can listen, and ask the right questions.

M: 0413 433 235


Julie Hyne

Executive Stylist


I help CEOs by adding the style to the substance. As a professional stylist and businesswoman I can help you become a more credible and influential leader that others will want to follow. If you think a CEO holds the reins due to their experience and background, you may just find that one day, for no explicit reason, you have been replaced. Influence is inextricably linked to appearance and associated demeanor. You are what you wear.