Frequently Asked Questions



 01  How does it work?

The service begins with an initial face to face meeting with one of our coaches to investigate your needs and explain how we help.There are a range of options starting with a package of 3 meetings and building to a 12 month package. 




 02  What is the cost?

This depends on which package is selected. The initial meeting has no charge attached. 


We are in the process of developing packages that you will be able to purchase if time is restricting you from attending face to face meetings.




 03  How are we different?

CEO Coach is specifically developed for CEOs who are looking to improve their performance. A CEO needs to be strong in a range of dimensions and attributes and our experience has shown that there are several key areas where CEOs can benefit enormously from our support. The initial focus of CEO Coach is to examine your needs, how you will prepare for your next review with the Board and what elements may need to be improved and evolved. It's alarming how many CEOs lose their roles unexpectedly.


These areas are mentioned in our blogs but typically are in skillsets like change management, innovation managment, communication, human resource management, leadership, executive team management, management of your own performance and career development. Our coaches are experts in these areas.


In addition to the one to one coaching, we utilise our 3 coaches by bringing them together with you for a mid program review.




 04 Where does this happen? 

This is flexible and can take place in the CEO's office, in a carefully chosen setting, in our St Kilda Road offices, Skype and the phone.



 05  Do I get anything in addition to the coaching?

Yes, CEO Coach will also be running a range of information sessions on key topics of interest and participants will be welcome to attend.


Topics will include:


  • The Four Rooms of Change

  • Business Development

  • Structuring Innovation and Development

  • Influencing Skills

  • Executive Leadership Techniques

  • Career Assessment and Development for CEOs

  • Re-Branding Retirement - key issues to ensure you fire up after 'work'

  • Mind and Body - how to stay refreshed and healthy

  • Breaking Busy - how to stay on top in a world of re-activity




06  Do you do any formal assessments?



Our coaches have accreditation in a range of assessment tools including:


  • CCL 360 (360 review)

  • LSI (360 review)

  • Judgment Index (Decision Making)

  • EQi2 (Emotional Leadership)

  • Lomingers (Executive Self Assessment)

  • SOSIE (Personality Assessment)

  • Ability testing


07  When am I invoiced?


Our first meeting is at no charge.


Depending on the package, we will typically invoice after the first session, midway through the program and at the end of the program.


08  I have not accessed coaching before. Why now?


Coaching is a purely personal choice. It is not for everyone, which is why we are happy to have a conversation over a cup of coffee at no charge. For us, coaching is about conversations anyway; we are not telling you how to run your business, but facilitating a way forward with you.


09  What are your philosophies?


Generally we believe:


  • You should always be moving towards some sort of goal

  • Feedback is about helping you achieve what you want

  • Even if you are doing your best, you can always do better

  • Coaching is an equal partnership

  • You have the answers, the coach helps to bring them out. We have the questions!

  • The power of coaching is greater than the sum of one's own ideas